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Sunrise Products offers a complete range of IR heaters so that you can choose an ideal heater for your specific applications. Our heaters are used in several industries and facilities for ideal heating applications. Designed give maximum temperature output within your budget, these heaters can be availed in different specifications and varieties. We are known as one of the leading IR Heater Manufacturers In Delhi, and you can rely on our years of experience in this industry. As Short Wave IR Heater are capable of giving high-temperature output, IR heaters are suitable for high-intensity heat applications.

Reasons To Buy Our IR Heaters:

  • Desired Output - Whether you need these Medium Wave IR Heater for comforting reasons or for industrial purposes, our heaters can do the perfect job for you.
  • Variety - You can avail our heaters in different specifications depending upon your requirements.
  • Affordable - The affordable pricing of these heaters allows you to buy them without blowing your budget.

We are one of the firmly established Ceramic IR Heater Exporters and Suppliers In India. If you want to buy our Industrial IR Heater, request a quote right now by either filling the enquiry form or just contact us directly over the phone.

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Give Brief About Your Company.

Sunrise Products is one of the well-known IR Heater Manufacturers In India. We stepped into the industry in the year 1990. We have an in-house manufacturing unit where every product is made utilizing crude materials and state-of-the-art technology. We ensure the unbeatable performance and top-grade quality of the IR Heater. We are an ISO 9001 -2000 Certified company and recognized among our patrons for supplying international standard grade at the best price. This quality makes us a well-known name in the domain.

What Are The Various Other Products You Have For Us?

The list is too long. Here are some most demanding products that we have:

  • Thermocouple
  • Air Curtain
  • Cartridge Heater
  • Immersion Heater
  • Heating Element
  • Electric Heater
  • Drum Heater
  • Mosquito Killer
  • Air Curtain
  • Open Coil Heater
  • Electrical Heater
  • Finned Heater
  • Insect Killer
  • Hand Dryer

What Are The IR Heater Standards?

Our IR Heater has various standards and benefits that help you. Check the list:

  • Offer high flexibility
  • Have excellent heat transfer property
  • Have a supreme-quality heat source
  • Operating cost is economical

How Do I Choose The Right Type Of IR Heaters For My Home/Office?

The right type of IR Heater is necessary for better efficiency. So before purchasing the IR Heater, we should consider the different varieties of IR Heater available, cost, efficiency, and the right size you need for your home/office.

How Fast Can I Get Built-To-Order IR Heaters?

It depends on the quantity of your order and the location. We are committed to delivering the order in the minimum possible time. Rely on us for the fastest delivery. Our team of experts is capable of meeting your need within time.

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