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Sunrise Products have marked their position in the market as top-notch Immersion Heater Manufacturers in Delhi. These Industrial Immersion Heater are mainly fitted in spines and standard BSPP Screw sort sockets, hot water, oil and chemical and are made of tubular and cartridge sorts. We offer all types of heaters of Copper, SS, and Titanium, Brass Inconel, Silica and to name a few.

We understand the need of immersion heater is different in all the industries; thus, we customize their designs, as per the specific and special requirements of our clients, which give proper radiator size-to-provision and fitting. Its unique design gives proper element space to boost the execution, as well as, the life of the heater. The utilization of quality raw components in the manufacturing of Immersion Water Heater helps the device to meet international quality standards and give its users required results.

Being the most prominent Industrial Immersion Heater Suppliers and Exporters based in India, we assure you the quality and stable performance of the device. To get the answer to any of your queries, start a conversation with our experts, we'll be happy to help you.

These Are Made From:

  • M.S.
  • S.S.-304
  • S.S.-316
  • Copper
  • Titanium sheathing


  • Water
  • Oil
  • Chemicals


  • Efficient functionality
  • Long working life
  • Trouble-free performance
  • Rough construction
  • Durable metal sheath
  • Unmatched performance at element bends
  • Advanced Quality
  • High conductivity element
  • Easy access to terminal wiring

Technical Specifications:

Specification parameter




Electric heating element


Insulation resistance

≥1000MΩ(cold condition)


Leak current





Materials can be changed to be copper,sus321,sus316L,incoloy804,incoloy800 as requested



Voltage/Wattage can be customized as required,and Wattage tolerance(cold condition):+5%-10%



Tube diameter can be changed to 6.6mm,8.0mm,10.0mm or others as requested

Resistance powder

Magnesium oxide

We can use other powder if requested

Faston terminal

Nickel plated iron

Materials of terminal housing could be stainless iron, stainless steel if required


Stainless steel

Materials of terminal piece could be stainless iron, stainless steel if required

Thermal fuse

Iron chromium

Material of thermal fuse can be nickel chromium wire if requested


Roaster, bread, toaster, stove, furnace, water boiler, and other home appliances


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