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Temperature Thermocouple

A Thermocouple is a kind of sensor used to measure the temperature and thus, also considered as Temperature Thermocouple. It consists of two wire legs, both made from different metals. These both legs welded together at one end, called a junction, where the temperature is measured. Sunrise Products, being one of the most trusted Temperature Thermocouple Manufacturers in Delhi, bring all its models and designs possible available to meet the distinct need of every customer and industry.



Major Benefits Of Using Temperature Thermocouples:

  • High-Temperature Thermocouple is used in nearly all the applications from scientific to OEM and is a very cost-effective option to choose.
  • This Temperature Thermocouple has its high-temperature limits and different ranges available that one can pick, as per the need of their industry.
  • Also, they are highly durable and dependable and can be used in different industrial applications for measuring the temperature.

Product Features:

Cable Length

1-5 m

Temperature Range

0-800 Degree C

Power Rating

1 MVA to 10 MVA




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